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Young Scholars

Young Scholars

Young Scholars

Young Scholars is the leading entertaining and educative television programme for children. It embraces scholars within the ages 7-21; focuses on developing young talents and provides a platform for young minds to express themselves.


 Educate your mind:

 On this segment were give information on various things happening in Nigeria and the world over. We also interview personalities on various issues; e.g. Science, history, music, health etc.

 Discussion Segment:

This segment provides a platform for scholars to come together in our studio and rub minds on various issues affecting them in today’s society. It provides an avenue for young minds to share their point of view in a society that sometimes overlooks the importance of youth.

 Vox Pop:

This segment provides an opportunity for scholars

School bit:

This segment showcases scholar’s involvement in extra curricular activities while at school. It also provides schools a platform to showcase their impact on the lives of our future leaders.

Sports: On this segment scholars show their ability in different sporting activities

and share they knowledge on current sporting issues locally and internationally.

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