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Health Monitor

Health Monitor is on a Mission to improve the quality of Health in one quarter of the world population by the year 2020. As Nigeria’s no.1 health programme we give our viewers the inspiration and information needed to make the right choices regarding their health.The programme provides viewers and participant’s access to the best health care professionals, facilities, health products and health enlightenment workshops.The programmes segments are refined to incorporate fundamental changes in the health sector.


The programme is segmented into 3 sections handled by experts from different health fields, and they include:


On Mothers world we discuss issues that bother on child bearing and care. Experts on this segment discuss infertility and teach mothers how to care for themselves during and after pregnancy.


This segments enlightens viewers on total care of the body. We showcase the lifestyle and routines of healthy celebrities and popular figures. We also invite health specialists to discuss better ways to take care of your body including diet design.


This segment provides health tips on total health maintenance. Here we provide preventive measures to help viewers live a healthy life.

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